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Sharing Culture Online

Sharing Culture Online™ is an ideal Teaching Resource to support Language Learning, Literacy, History, Culture & Indigenous Education

Sharing Culture Online™ is an innovative web based system that gives all students, regardless of their ethnic background or age, the opportunity to learn about and engage in the rich diversity of Australian Aboriginal cultures.

Sharing Culture Online™ supports Indigenous students to learn, appreciate, celebrate and engage with their culture, and schooling.

The cutting edge system is a flexible, easily accessible platform that can be adapted to various educational and community needs. If you want to minimise stress, save time, money and reduce the workload, then look no further. There's an abundance of teaching resources, with activities for students including literacy activities, language learning activities, Aboriginal history, culture and art, and other materials to support Indigenous education.

Seen it before and like to order now

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We'll contact you and send you an invoice. Alternatively you can order using the button to the side and pay instantly. Just type in the amount of licences you require and follow the steps.  Each student will require their own account, so please make sure you order enough licences for each student. 
TLP Sharing Culture Online Single Student
TLP Sharing Culture Online Single Student 


Sharing Culture Online offers something for everyone

Sharing Culture Online™ is a multi-purpose, fun and engaging teaching and learning system designed to support a variety of educational needs. It provides templates and tools to enhance student engagement, makes it easy for teachers and can be used as a valuable community tool.  The system offers the flexibility to enhance classroom projects that cover all areas of learning. Sharing Culture Online isn’t limited to just Aboriginal studies and students, it can be used across all areas of the curriculum and can also be used to support adult education.

With Sharing Culture Online™ teachers, students, parents communities and organisations can use their own photos to easily produce a variety of fun and engaging tools including digital talking books, an interactive talking dictionary, mini website of facts, digital jigsaw puzzles and explore similar activities produced from other people across the country.

Sharing Culture Online™ is designed to:

  • Develop literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Support teachers with a variety of easily accessible, authentic and culturally appropriate teaching and learning tools;
  • Offer a platform for communities, in partnership with  their schools, to record culture and history in a local context;
  • Develop skills and opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse groups;
  • Provide resources to help schools address COAG national targets on Closing The Gap; 
  • Enhance student engagement, encourage self directed learning and build self esteem; 
  • Incorporate Indigenous Perspectives and Information Communication Technologies (ICT’s) into everyday teaching and learning; 
  • Develop cultural awareness and encourage students to value the knowledge of Indigenous people and cultures; 
  • Offer a safe keeping place to record and store data with several layers of password protection to suit individual needs;
  • Support some of the training needs of Indigenous adults.

What teaching resources are included in Sharing Culture Online™?

Sharing Culture Online™ easily embeds Indigenous perspectives into everyday teaching and learning. As a teacher, you’ll have access to practical resources that can be used to compliment the units of work that you are delivering to students. Sharing Culture Online™ will continually be adapted to support the new Australian Curriculum.

We’ll continue to provide tools to take the stress out and make it very easy for you. Sharing Culture Online™ is the ideal tool to support a wide variety of educational needs, helping to minimise time, dollars and effort needed to produce astounding results in students.

Here's what’s included for Teachers:

You can control student accounts and monitor their progress and outcomes. You will receive ongoing support and have 24 hour access to the Teacher Resources which include a comprehensive range of printable worksheets and books for both the teachers and the students. It so easy to use, just click and print.

The Teacher Resources includes:

  • Sharing Culture Online™ Teaching Manual - which is designed to support teachers in delivering lessons using Sharing Culture Online™ including – Links to Essential Learning, Australian Curriculum Links, What you will need, Teaching Tips to enhancing the learning, Units of work and Additional/Extension activities from the Teacher’s Handbook;
  • Sharing Culture Teachers Handbook with over 1000 activity ideas based
  • on Blooms and Gardners Taxonomies;
  • Sharing Culture Online™ Student Workbook to support students with lessons including step-by-step instructions on producing digital books, jigsaw puzzles, facts and the dictionary, self checks and evaluation;
  • A General Guide to Working with Aboriginal Students;
  • Cut and paste collage sheets;
  • Dot to dot activities;
  • Aboriginal language maps;
  • Colouring-in sheets;
  • Word find activities;
  • Yolngu Fact sheets;
  • Access to other support materials including a forum, how-to videos, help documentation with step by step instructions and more;
  • Plus free updates with more features continually being added.

Sharing Culture Online for Students

Sharing Culture Online™ captivates students in a stimulating, interactive environment, with a wealth of information and knowledge contained in the site provided from a variety of sources.  It is through this that students will easily become motivated and engaged in learning.

There are several customisable areas that allow students to personalise their site, they can work alone, in groups or with local Indigenous and other community members to produce their own resources as well as exploring those produced by other people and communities.

Students can use their own photos or use the built in image library to easily produce a variety of fun and interactive digital activities including:
  • Talking Story Books: produce your own digital talking story books in one language or two, which can then be printed to promote literacy;
  • Talking Dictionary: compile your own interactive talking picture dictionary;
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: turn your own photos and drawings into digital jigsaw puzzles;
  • Mini website of Facts: research topics and compile the information to create a mini-website with facts sheets;
  • Image Library: Use the built in images or upload your own photos to personalise your books, dictionary, facts and jigsaws.

Story Books Talking Dictionary Jigsaw Puzzles Mini website of Facts
All of these localised resources are displayed in an area full of fun and engaging activities including:
  • Memory Game - A favorite with children using Australian themes;
  • Tribal Life - Choose different landscapes and drag and drop people, plants and animals to create a scene;
  • Music - Click the different traditional sounds to create music sequences;
  • Colouring In - Using the mouse, children can click on the colour and drop it on the pictures to colour in the traditional animal designs;
  • Puzzles - Ideal for young children, match the different shapes in the form of animals, plants and people;
  • Dress ups - Dress the people in traditional and contemporary clothing;
  • Map - Explore the Aboriginal language map and get an understanding of how many different Aboriginal languages and cultures exist in Australia;
  • Painting - select different Aboriginal designs and trace over them with the mouse, or create your own.

 Colouring In
 Dress Ups
 Language Map
Tribal Life
 Memory Game

With Sharing Culture Online™ students easily become motivated and engaged in learning and can:

  • Interact immediately - Add content and commence recording and storing multiple words, images and stories etc.. As well as  exploring content from other Australian cultures;
  • Develop and enhance literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Produce their own interactive resources and explore those that have been developed by others;
  • Have 24 hour access at both school and home, encouraging interaction between students and their families;
  • Enrich their vocabulary and comprehension as students can hear and read words in context;
  • Gain instant rewards and satisfaction as work is immediately viewable in the “My Culture” area;
  • Customise and add content to suit individual needs and class requirements;
  • Work through the materials at their own pace and are assisted by an on-line support centre;
  • Compare, learn and analyse languages and cultures from other communities and gain more understanding of the diversity of Australian cultures;
  • Enable those not living on country or with families i.e. in boarding schools, foster care etc.., to stay connected with their culture;
  • Easily transform written dictionaries, books and other records into digital resources that can be continually added to and kept updated. 
We invite you to come on a cyber journey of learning about different cultures. Join our exciting on-line learning community and experience 24 hour, 7 days a week access to Australian Cultures like you’ve never seen before.

Sharing Culture Online™ Prices

Sharing Culture Online™ makes it affordable to learn some of the ancient knowledge of this country. You will gain immediate access to knowledge and language from some of the most remote communities in Australia, starting with the Yolngu of North East Arnhem Land. Sharing Culture Online™ offers outstanding value particularly when compared to the costs of traveling to remote Aboriginal communities, which can easily cost thousands of dollars per person, to experience some of the language, stories and knowledge of the oldest living culture in the world.

Annual Student Licences when purchased through Schools - WAS $25 (inc GST) NOW only $10 per student

Schools can purchase an annual licence on behalf of their students for the reduced price of $10 per student per year.

All licences provide 24 hour access to Sharing Culture Online.
TLP Sharing Culture Online Single Student
TLP Sharing Culture Online Single Student 


Standard Annual Licence - WAS $77 NOW only $25
For less than $1.50 per week, parents can purchase a standard licence directly over the internet for their children. Sign Up Here
Sharing Culture Online Single
Sharing Culture Online Single 


What you need:

  1. An account - Click here to sign up - We'll contact you and send you an invoice. Alternatively you can order above and pay instantly. Just type in the amount of licences you require and follow the steps.
  2. A computer with internet access, preferably broadband
  3. A microphone for voice recording and speakers to hear the sounds and languages. Most laptops have these built
Contact us now if you have any questions or to arrange for a free, no obligation over the phone demonstration of the program.

Download the above information as a PDF brochure

Sharing Culture Brochure for Schools Sharing Culture Brochure for Schools (2620 KB)

Minimum System Requirements for Sharing Culture Online™

Internet Explorer 7+ or Firefox 3+
The latest Adobe Flash player (get up-to-date here in less than 60 second: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ )

Safari 4+ or Firefox 3+
The latest Adobe Flash player (get up-to-date here in less than 60 second:

http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ )

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