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About the Support Website

The Support Website has been designed to provide extra assistance and additional resources to help delivering the Teaching and Learning Program, with extra material being added as it becomes it available.

You will find extra resources to help you achieve the best possible outcomes in the classroom including:

  • Language Pronunciation Lessons
  • Australian Place names - Link to a wiki page of Australian Place Names
  • Unit Plan - Aligned to the QSA Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages Syllabus
  • Yarning Circles - Documentation on the Process of Yarning Circles as per QSA
  • A Guide to Working with Aboriginal children
  • A link to surveys
  • Language Pronunciation Fact Sheet
  • Links to training and support in revitalising language
  • Unit 1 Student Workbook - All of the Student Activities in the Unit 1 Teaching Guide have been compiled into this printable Workbook.

The content is intended to grow with the development and stabilisation of the Australian Curriculum.

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