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Sharing Culture Teaching and Learning Program

The “Sharing Culture Teaching & Learning Program” is a revolutionary new system designed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities and Schools to deliver local content including histories, languages & cultures, both in and out of the classroom.   

The easy to use Teaching & Learning Program - Classroom Toolbox

Complete with everything you need, the Classroom Toolbox is your ideal solution to delivering Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island content in the classroom. To get started, schools can access the Teaching & Learning Program utilising general knowledge that has been aligned to meet the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and cultures Cross Curricular Priorities in the Australian Curriculum. It comes with the following great resources that can be used year after year:

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Wherever possible, this is all combined with local knowledge and language provided by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders of the Community, making the content relevant to the students’ local area.

Local Knowledge

As part of the Teaching and Learning Program, Sharing Culture works with Elders and appropriate Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community members to produce localised content for schools. Community members are in a position to share what they feel comfortable and to direct learning of students in a more culturally appropriate way. Schools can access material that is culturally appropriate and represents Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and accounts of history as well as their language and culture. The Community also retains ownership in their Intellectual Property (IP) in all of their content. As the work with Communities grow, more and more localised knowledge is becoming available. Check here to see what areas the Teaching & Learning Program has been set up and have Local Knowledge available.

Different uses for the Teaching & Learning Program

The Teaching & Learning Program is designed to support local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people from the Community, as well as teachers and Aboriginal Education Workers to deliver language and culture lessons in schools. While we have offered a fairly standardised approach to the lessons and delivery, it can be used for a diverse range of needs. Offering heaps of flexibility it can be used to explore the local area or can be used with other areas. Below are just a few examples of the types of uses:

  • Literacy Support Program
  • Language Program
  • Languages (Formerly LOTE)
  • History
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
  • Local Area Studies 
  • As an Integrated Program, it incorporates SOSE (Studies of Society and the Environment), History, Geography, LOTE (Languages Other Than English), English, the Arts and Science.

The Teaching & Learning Program supports the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures Cross Curricular Priorities in the Australian Curriculum as well as Queensland Studies Authorities Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Syllabus. Sharing Culture Online is also a recommended resource in the QSA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Syllabus.

Sharing Culture has also been placed on the register of digital resource suppliers with Education Services Australia to provide digital resources to support the Australian Curriculum.

The Teaching & Learning Program is not a token approach to teaching and learning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures. This is an exciting and innovative approach with long term benefits. Opportunities also open up for students, teachers and parents to engage with local artists, performers, story tellers, businesses, organisations, tourism etc… This helps to increase the profile and business capacity in the area.

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