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Sharing Culture Online is one of the key tools in the Teaching & Learning Program. Sharing Culture Online is an easy to use tool to help record, store and pass on language and knowledge. The online system provides evidence of students learning as you listen to how they pronounce words and record their understanding of the information they learn about. 

The interactive computer program is accessed through the internet, so it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In most cases Elders and other Aboriginal Community members do the recording so students are able to hear the sounds of the language. Their cultural and historical knowledge is  added to the facts and digital books to create a highly interactive and engaging experience for students. This also takes the pressure off Elders by allowing students to learn from them even when they’re not in a classroom.

Students will begin on an exciting learning journey, learning about our culture from our people. Throughout the Program students will build a digital portfolio in Sharing Culture Online that they will continue to grow year after year. You can sign up for the free 14 day trial and check it out for yourself!

Sharing Culture Online offers something for everyone

Sharing Culture Online is a multi-purpose, fun and engaging teaching and learning system designed to support a variety of educational needs. It provides templates and tools to enhance student engagement, makes it easy for teachers and can be used as a valuable community tool.  The system offers the flexibility to enhance classroom projects that cover all areas of learning. Sharing Culture Online isn’t limited to just Aboriginal studies and students, it can be used across all areas of the curriculum and can also be used to support adult education.

With Sharing Culture Online teachers, students, Elders, parents community members and organisations can use their own photos, language, stories and knowledge to easily produce a variety of fun and engaging tools including digital talking books, an interactive talking dictionary, mini website of facts, digital jigsaw puzzles and explore similar activities produced from other people across the country.

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