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Sharing Culture Teaching & Learning Program - Local Knowledge

Sharing Cultures overriding goal is to work with Communities to have their local knowledge represented in the classroom. Since March 2022 , the Teaching & Learning Program has been set up in the following Communities:
  • Sunshine Coast - Kabi Kabi
  • Sydney - Darug
  • Bundaberg - Gooreng Gooreng
  • St George - Mandandanji & Kamillaroi
  • Woorabinda - Gangulu
  • NE Arnhemland - Yolngu

That means that the local history, language including greetings and other words used in the the area, protocols and cultural information is now available in these areas. This knowledge along with all of the support of the Sharing Culture Teaching & Learning Program resources will have students of this generation learning about their local area from the local Community.

We are currently working with several other Communities and will update details as they become available.

Localising the Teaching and Learning Program

If you are interested in having local knowledge including history, culture and language represented in the Teaching & Learning Program, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. For best results schools and the local Community should already have a relationship and have identified a need to deliver language and culture programs in schools. To get up and running with the Teaching and Learning Program requires a commitment, however we sincerely believe it will be well and truly worth the effort. Results can be achieved quite quickly once you make the decision to get started. As each Community is different, we work together to create a solution to suit the needs of the Community.

Step 1

Contact Sharing Culture to discuss your needs and arrange an information session.

Step 2

The Sharing Culture team comes and presents the Teaching & Learning Program to Elders and other Community members, education staff and other relevant people. If the Program is of interest, we’ll arrange a time to come and run workshops. (Half day)

Step 3

Sharing Culture will come to your Community and run a workshop to prepare the localised resources and train in using Sharing Culture Online. (2-5 days)

Step 4

If required, Sharing Culture can run a PD session, working with teachers and Community Education Workers to train in using and delivering the Program in the classroom. (1 day)

Contact Us to find out more and discuss your needs.

Please note that there may be additional costs for schools to access local knowledge. This money goes directly to the Community who has supplied the knowledge.

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