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Sharing Culture for Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Communities

Sharing Culture offers programs and workshops to support Communities to record, maintain and pass on knowledge. We have developed a proven system to support the teaching and learning of languages, stories, histories and culture in the Community, schools and at home.

We can assist you to bring culture and language into the 21st Century through Sharing Culture Online, a website designed to record and store knowledge. You can bring written dictionaries to life by recording the words so that people can hear and learn how the words are spoken. You can also turn your stories into digital talking books and so much more.

Sharing Culture does not try to replace the amazing work already being done by Elders and other people in their Communities, we are trying to enhance the work already being done and build capacity and opportunities for our people.

Sharing Culture Programs 

Sharing Culture Teaching & Learning Program

The Sharing Culture Teaching & Learning Program is basically a framework to help pass on knowledge. It includes initial set up and training, and a set of tools to help teach language and culture in the Community and schools. Communities control what information is shared and with who. Intellectual Property and control stays with the Communities we work with. For the best and quickest results, we prefer to work with people who already have language knowledge, usually the Elders in Communities. Once the knowledge is recorded, it’s ready to pass on, on a wider scale.

The Teaching & Learning Program includes a series of Units and additional teaching aides that provide a framework for teaching language and culture. The Units can be adapted to suit different needs. We can provide all of the resources and training needed to easily and effectively teach language. The Teaching & Learning Program has been designed to meet the needs of Communities and is also aligned with the curriculum.

When used in schools, the Teaching & Learning Program gives you more control over what children are learning about the local people, culture and language. You can see more information about the Teaching & Learning Program for schools here.

Sharing Culture Online

Sharing Culture Online is an easy to use website designed to help record, store and pass on language and knowledge, designed for Elders right through to children.

In a few simple steps your language and knowledge can be recorded onto a computer and through the internet you and your family can access it anywhere. You are in total control of what gets recorded, how it’s said and who can access it. You can easily turn stories into talking digital books and make dictionaries where you record the words. You can add information to the facts and also turn photos, paintings, drawings etc.. into fun jigsaw puzzles!

Sharing Culture Online is very easy to use and has been designed with Elders and children in mind. To make a digital book or dictionary takes a few simple step:  


Step 1

Add a picture – you can use your own photos or drawings, or we have hundreds of drawings in the image library that you can use

Step 2

Type the words in your language

you can spell it how you like!


Step 3

Press record and say the words or story

 Step 4

Save, and that's's so easy

Sharing Culture Online can also be used to record information and create digital resources about all sorts of topics. i.e. land management, bush food and medicine, health, sport, art – pretty much anything you can think of. You can make digital story books, information pages, jigsaw puzzles of photos etc…

Click here for more information on Sharing Culture Online 


Setting up the Teaching & Learning Program

Sharing Culture travels to Communities across Australia delivering training workshops to support the development of the Teaching and Learning Program. As each Community is different, we work together to create a solution to suit the needs of the Community. However it is our intention to walk away from the workshops with language and cultural content recorded and ready to be introduced to the wider Community through lessons and access to Sharing Culture Online. We also aim to ensure participants are confident in using Sharing Culture Online and can continue to build up their database of knowledge and language.

We have developed a 5 day workshop that involves localising the Sharing Culture Teaching & Learning Program. This involves:
•    Preparing the content for Units – Custodians, History, Protocols, Copyright & IP, Acknowledgements, Kinship, Language, Stories etc...
•    Training in computers and multimedia equipment - voice recording equipment, using digital cameras and uploading photos to computer, using scanners, adding photos and preparing resources for Sharing Culture Online;
•    Sharing Culture Online Training - Setting up your account and adding extra user accounts where appropriate; adding the content including recording language in the dictionary and making digital books, adding information in the facts section, making digital jigsaw puzzles; adding images to use in your resources, how to view other peoples language and culture; exploring other games and activies in the program etc…

Sharing Culture Online

We can provide training for people to learn how to use Sharing Culture Online. This is usually one day and includes:

  • Setting up your account and adding extra user accounts where appropriate;
  • adding the content including recording language in the dictionary and making digital books;
  • adding information in the facts section;
  • making digital jigsaw puzzles;
  • adding photos and other pictures to use in your resources;
  • how to view other peoples language and culture;
  • exploring other games and activities in the program etc…

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Enterprise and Employment Opportunities 

There are a few ways that Communities can increase opportunities through the Teaching & Learning Program.

  • In some areas, people have become consultants and now provide advice and additional resources to schools, as well as offering their services as language teachers.
  • Community members are equipped with resources to easily teach language and culture and have an opportunity to be language teachers in the schools as well as in Community centres etc.. 
  • As many of the lessons involve the Community, opportunities open up for local businesses, for example tour operators, artists, story tellers etc.. 
  • Local organisations and people who prepare the information can also sell access to their knowledge and language through Sharing Culture Online. 

Other Services

Dictionary Digitization

The Sharing Culture team can assist you to turn your written dictionary into a living record. You can continue to build on it and update as more information becomes available. We can show you how to easily do it yourself. We can also help get you started by doing the data entry and typing the whole dictionary into Sharing Culture Online. We then work with your language experts and speakers to record the words. 

Language Pronunciation

On request, Gadj is also available to assist people if they would like any extra support with language pronunciation. Gadj is a fluent and first speaker of Yolngu Matha (Aboriginal Language of Arnhem land), speaking 16+ languages before English. Gadj is not a linguist, however he was raised learning to speak, read and write in his native tongue Dhuwala.

If you would like to know more about any of these programs, contact us today :)

Communities with the Teaching & Learning Program set up

Since March 2022 , the Teaching & Learning Program has been set up in the following Communities:
  • Sunshine Coast - Kabi Kabi
  • Sydney - Darug
  • Bundaberg - Gooreng Gooreng
  • St George - Mandandanji & Kamillaroi
  • Woorabinda - Gangulu
  • NE Arnhemland - Yolngu

Plans are underway for many other Communities to be set up in 2013.

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