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It is with great excitement we have heard about the “template” features of “Sharing Culture”. Many of our communities, in partnership with their schools, will have an outstanding opportunity to record language, culture and history in a local context. This local resource will assist schools and communities to reclaim, build and maintain language and cultural knowledge. Brian Giles-Browne, National Schools Co-ordinator, Dare To Lead


Review rating: Highly Recommended. The student resources provide material that will engage Indigenous students with learning as well as offering a respectful way to expose non-Indigenous students to aspects of Australia’s Indigenous cultures. The development of reading skills is supported by an online dictionary and an early ‘reader’ that can be read and listened to in both English and Yolngu language. Users can also write some text and print off their own book. Review by Queensland Library Services, Department Education Training and the Arts

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This is what we have been waiting for! Sharing Culture is a powerful form of information for non indigenous through to Indigenous people. Lead singer, songwriter of Warrumpi Band


Sharing Culture is an enjoyable new way for children to develop multiculturalism, to experience creative expression, enhance spatial awareness and to develop confidence through the completion of self-directed tasks.

After being in the child care industry for 12 years it is refreshing to be able to find just one resource that enables me to teach children so many new skills and information. Annette Bewert - 12 years Child Care Industry Experience

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Primary students have displayed more interest in classroom literacy tasks and enjoyed acquiring and applying various skills using this tool. Our students see in this resource, that their language and culture is celebrated along with the acquisition of English...I believe this resource would also be valuable for students in "mainstream" schools as an ideal introduction to Aboriginal culture and language. Ric Browne - Principal Yirrkala Homelands School


Students are captivated by the visual and sound presentation of this wonderful interactive software package. The joy they derive from Sharing Culture is evident by the number of requests I have to use the program outside class time." Maree Denning - Teacher Librarian


"Have just been through the Student Activities CD and it is wonderful. We are so pleased. You have obviously done a lot of work to get it to this standard. It is so accessible for young children and has lots of variety. Great". Jo - Noah's Ark Childrens Library

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"Sharing Culture products are a great classroom resource with fantastic artwork, an excellent motivator for story writing." Phil Snape - Stage 2 teacher

"Sharing Culture would be great for any early childhood class in Australia- mainstream and Indigenous". Wayilu Wunungmurra - Teacher and Yolngu Elder from Yirrkala

"The non violent and simple to use programs are refreshing and worth every cent". Trudi Walker - mother of 2

ABORIGINAL LANGUAGE ACTIVITIES: I enjoyed learning Aboriginal language. I learnt a couple of Aboriginal words such as ‘way in’ means magpie and ‘bapi’ means king brown snake. I read a story about two brothers and also, I saw a map of Aboriginal language groups. This was interesting looking at the different languages.

ABORIGINAL CULTURE ACTIVITIES: I had fun of dressing Aboriginal people and making Aboriginal music. I liked making a traditional life where I chose a beach and a bush as the background.

ABORIGINAL ART ACTIVITIES: I enjoyed colouring animals, painting a butterfly and two tadpoles. The puzzles were fun to do and my favourite one was a dolphin with a fish. Hamish age 8

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