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Gadj Maymuru - CEO and Co-Founder

Gadj is a Yolngu man who belongs to the Manggalili Clan. Born in Yirrkala, North East Arnhem land, he spent most of his life migrating between Yirrkala and his homeland Djarrakpi. While growing up, he was taught the old ways from his family and his environment. He was passed on the knowledge of how to survive, as his ancestors have for thousands of years, learning to hunt and live off the land.

Gadjs' schooling incorporated a 'Two Way Learning' or 'Both Way' approach developed by his primary school teacher Mandawuy Yunupingu. This Two Way Learning approach has strongly influenced the Sharing Culture Teaching & Learning Program. 'Two Way Learning' is a combination of western and Aboriginal knowledge and teaching methods, placing equal value on both ways.

The artwork and cultural content used throughout the demo version of Sharing Culture Online is provided by Gadj who speaks Yolngu Matha and English fluently, and his children. His input and cultural knowledge has ensured cultural protocols have been observed.

As an accomplished artist, Gadj learned to paint using ancient methods and materials including hand made paintbrushes, ochres and clay on bark. Today he still uses these methods in his paintings.

Gadj was also artist in residence at the Australian National University where he taught students traditional painting methods and design, as well as restoration of old artworks.

Gadj currently paints for several galleries and shops across Australia. He also holds cultural information sessions as well as spear making and spear throwing workshops for schools, community groups and festivals.

Gadj has had experience in schools as a Teacher Aide and has also mentored "Boys at Risk". This experience has given him insight into the needs of Indigenous students and helps when developing products.

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