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Sharing Culture is Australia’s Leading Cultural Education program providing Two Way Learning Opportunities.

Sharing Culture offers schools the opportunity to access Local Indigenous Knowledge for use in the Australian Curricular. Sharing Culture is providing a voice for Indigenous people and giving Indigenous Communities an opportunity to provide authentic resources for learning. This ensures children are learning about Indigenous People directly from the source and that the Indigenous communities to which the knowledge belongs own their Intellectual Property.

The world class Teaching and Learning program can be integrated into the classroom immediately through the online platform which includes a great range of educational resources for all areas of the curricular. Schools can connect with their local Aboriginal Culture through resources written specifically about the Community. Australia’s rich Aboriginal History is an important part of Australia’s identity and all students, regardless of their ethnic background, have the opportunity to learn about and engage in the rich diversity of Aboriginal histories, languages and their cultures through the Teaching and Learning Program.

This is the resource Australian schools have been waiting for!

    Sharing Culture
      For Schools

    Sharing Culture
    for Indigenous Communities


    Sharing Culture resources support educators to deliver authentic, accurate and culturally appropriate information about Indigenous cultures with a Two Way Learning approach that values traditional and western education systems. 
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    Sharing Culture offers an easy way to record and pass on knowledge in a fun way that will engage children. We can help you to develop resources for schools and ensure that Knowledge and Intellectual Property (IP) remains with the Community.
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