Has dunlopillo changed its name?

Last Update: May 27, 2022

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Following the sale Dunlopillo will change its name to Dunlop Latex Foam and concentrate on manufacturing latex foam for use inside mattresses and pillows. It will retain ownership of the Dunlopillo brand in 70 countries overseas.

What happened to Dunlopillo?

BEDDING firm Dunlopillo has been bought by Hilding Anders, the Swedish parent company of its arch rival Slumberland in a deal reported to be worth £12m. ... Richard Smith, former managing director of Dunlopillo, now becomes chief executive of the newly-formed Dunlop Latex Foam Ltd at the Pannal site.

Is Reylon the same as Dunlopillo?

The Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillow has now been rebranded under the Relyon brand, using the same recipe and skilled craftsmanship. Relyon and Dunlopillo were once part of the same group, and have now parted company.

Do they still make Dunlopillo?

Dunlopillo & Reylon Pillows

The entry level Dunlopillo Double comfort and Celestial ranges have now been discontinued. The Superior Comforts are the ultimate in pillows. Dunlopillo and Relyon are names synonymous with quality when it comes to pillows.

Who makes Dunlopillo pillows now?

The Dunlopillo range of pillows are made by the US Company Talalay Global. The divans,adjustable and ottoman beds and headboards are made by their sister company Relyon.

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Is Dunlopillo Dunlop?

Furniture. Dunlopillo, a brand of mattress and latex foam for furniture, owned in the UK by Steinhoff International, acquired in 2013 from Hilding Anders, which owns the brand in Scandinavia. Elsewhere it was owned by Dunlop Latex Foam Ltd (sold by BTR in 1997) and now by several companies including the Pikolin group.

Is Dunlopillo 100 natural latex?

Dunlopillo mattresses are made with a pure latex foam core. This means you don't need to flip your mattress in order to maintain a comfortable sleep.

What is a Dunlopillo?

A Green Nights Sleep

Our Dunlopillo latex is produced from the sap of rubber trees and contains naturally occurring anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. ENVIRONMENTAL. Latex is one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings.

What is Dunlopillo latex?

Dunlopillo latex is a wonderful material derived from the sap of rubber trees grown in managed sustainable plantations around the world. The trees are not harmed in the extraction of the sap. Latex naturally contains anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Does Dunlopillo make pillows?

Our 100% pure Dunlopillo latex pillows keep your upper body aligned throughout the night and work to counterbalance the parts of your body most in need of pressure relief, such as your neck, shoulders, hips and spine. ...

Which is best latex pillow?

The Best Latex Pillows
  • Best Overall - Saatva Latex Pillow.
  • Best Value - Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow.
  • Most Comfortable - Avocado Green Pillow.
  • Best for Side Sleepers - Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow.
  • Best Neck Support - PlushBeds Organic Shredded Latex Pillow.

What is natural latex pillow?

Latex pillows have significant differences. Natural latex is made from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree. During manufacturing, the latex forms thousands of tiny air bubbles, which gives it the soft, light and bouncy texture that makes natural latex foam so popular.

Where is Dunlopillo made?

Proudly Australian made, the Dunlopillo Conform Mattress blends a number of innovative technologies to provide you with a comfortable sleep surface.

Are Latex pillows cool?

Naturally Cooling: Latex is naturally much cooler than memory foam. Pillows with shredded latex amplify this benefit further, limiting heat retention by allowing airflow through the shreds. Solid latex pillows are cool as well, however, thanks to air channels in the foam that aid in breathability.

How long do Dunlopillo mattresses last?

Customer Reviews

Some customers have up to 25 years of lifespan from their Dunlopillo mattresses which is a testament to just how high the quality of the mattresses are.

Which is better latex or memory foam?

Latex foam is the best option for those looking for a mattress that's eco-friendly, has more bounce, and a faster response time. Memory foam is better for sleepers who want deep compression support, a slower response time, and motion isolation.

Is latex healthy to sleep on?

Natural Latex is Safe, Comfortable and Extremely Durable

A natural latex mattress provides healthy sleeping environment, free from toxic fire-retardants, petroleum based foams, and VOCs. Natural latex is the ONLY natural foam available, don't be fooled by "eco-friendly" petroleum foams or blended latex foams.

What is a latex bed vs memory foam?

Latex mattresses are often compared to memory foam because they both contain foam layers, but these materials have very different feels. Memory foam is more cradling while latex has a lifting feel. Latex is also naturally cooling, while memory foam mattresses can sometimes retain heat.

Which is best pillow?

A quick look at the best pillows
  • Best pillow overall: Original Casper Pillow.
  • Best pillow for pregnancy: Tempur-Pedic BodyPillow.
  • Best cooling pillow: Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow.
  • Best pillow for side sleepers: Layla Kapok Pillow.
  • Best pillow for back sleepers: Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow.

What is Actipro technology?

Actipro® Actipro® is a mattress cover treatment that's hypoallergenic and has antibacterial technology. This reduces allergens, dust mites and mould within your mattress. Actipro® is used in some of our Slumberland and Dunlopillo mattresses.

What is the difference between latex and natural latex?

The term “latex” basically describes any polymer in a water-based liquid or viscous state. For instance latex paint does not contain natural rubber latex but does contain liquid synthetic polymers. ... Natural Rubber Latex refers to the white sap that comes from the hevea brasiliensis tree.

How can you tell if latex is natural or synthetic?

Synthetic latex foam usually has a more dull, less springy feel than natural latex foam. It is generally a bit less durable than natural latex foam and will tear easier. Synthetic latex foam also generally has a stronger and more abrasive odor than natural latex.

What is innergetic latex?

Innergetic latex is a brand of Latexco, one of the world's leading manufacturers of Latex components in the bedding industry. Latex has excellent resilience with the natural ability to instantly recover its shape with continual movement, creating an exceptionally smooth sleeping surface.

Is Dunlopillo made in Australia?

We've created Dunlopillo to make your sleep a sensual collusion of nature, beauty and comfort. From the Australian Made independent pocket springs through to natural Tencel and organic cotton used in the mattress quilting, this is how sleep should feel every night. ...

When did Goodyear buy Dunlop?

On October 1, 2015, Sumitomo Rubber Industries acquired the Dunlop Motorcycle tire brand in North America from the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company after dissolving its 16-year global joint venture.