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Authenticity and Ownership of Indigenous Cultural Content


Sharing Culture is providing a voice for Indigenous people and giving our people an opportunity to provide authentic resources for learning. This ensures children are learning about our people from the source.

Indigenous people throughout the country prepare the information and are responsible for the content that is shared. Communities and individuals compile the dictionaries, digital story books, facts and material for teaching & learning. 

We feel that it's very important for children to hear how the words sound, so this feature is one of the highlights of the Sharing Culture Online program. Language can be directly recorded, unaltered to produce dictionaries and digital talking books. This keeps integrity of the content ensures language is not compromised or lost in translation.

Ownership of Content and Intellectual Property (IP)

Sharing Culture Pty Ltd is an Indigenous owned and operated Company and we know how important our Knowledge, Culture and our Intellectual Property (IP) is. The Communities and people supplying the knowledge in Sharing Culture Online retain ownership and control of their IP and knowledge at all times. Sharing Culture seeks legal advice from Terri Janke of Terri Janke and Co to ensure that Communities will allays retain ownership in their knowledge and IP.

One of Sharing Cultures core business principals is that IP will always remain with the Communities to which the knowledge belongs. 

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