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About Sharing Culture

Sharing Culture Pty Ltd is an Indigenous owned and operated Company that works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, Family Groups and Language Groups in an effort to share and educate others about Indigenous cultures. The Company is Directed by Gadj and Jodie Maymuru, who also develop the programs from concept to completion.

Sharing Culture is self funded which has allowed us to control what happens with our programs and pass on Intellectual Property (IP) rights to Communities.

Sharing Culture develop a variety of teaching and learning tools to support culturally appropriate education, offering materials that will increase awareness of Indigenous cultures, improve learning outcomes for Indigenous students and support a culturally inclusive learning environment. We provide a variety of tools to support students, parents, care providers and teachers and encourage learning in a way that is fun and engaging.

While we don't teach language and culture directly as that's the right and responsibility of the local Community, we do provide tools to make the process easy and achievable. Sharing Culture can work with Communities to assist in preparing content. This helps ensure information is provided in a culturally sensitive manner, that is appropriate and that cultural protocols have been followed.

No prior knowledge of Indigenous people and cultures is necessary, children and parents, students and teachers can all benefit from the cultural interaction and are offered an opportunity to have more understanding and appreciation for Indigenous people and have more respect for our cultural values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with other Indigenous communities to help preserve and pass on knowledge to their future generations. Also, where appropriate, share with the wider public some of the beliefs, histories, languages, artwork and daily practices of Indigenous communities to promote the diversity and richness of Indigenous people and cultures.

Sharing Culture programs 'share knowledge; promote awareness and strengthen culture' of Australian Aboriginal people in an effort to support the wider public have an increased understanding of Australian Indigenous cultures.

Our Commitment

Sharing Culture Pty Ltd is committed to:

  • Reconciliation of Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians;
  • promoting positive aspects of Aboriginal cultures and knowledge in ways that increase cultural appreciation and respect for Indigenous Australians;
  • continually working to improve our programs and increase our product range;
  • providing top quality teaching and learning tools, utilizing the latest technologies;
  • closing the gap on educational outcomes of Indigenous children and improving educational opportunities for Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians;
  • providing high quality products that are Fun; Informative; Educational; Entertaining and Easy to Use
  • exploring new ways to promote the diversity and richness of Australia’s Indigenous cultures.

Our Inspiration

Children are our inspiration. They are the future. Our programs have been inspired by our own children. Like many Aboriginal people, they have to live in two different societies and need to adapt to two very different sets of beliefs, values and laws. It is our hope that in educating the wider public about these differences, we can help bring about an understanding for those who face these types of challenges and an acceptance of peoples differences.

Our inspiration has also come from our ancestors and our Grandfather Narritjin Maymuru. Mari (Grandfather) had a vision and believed that by educating the wider public he could create more respect for our people and our land.  He foresaw the influences of western society and the threat to his people and our ancient culture.

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